01|14|15 - UK’s Global Health Initiatives Explores the Curious Case of Cuba -

This Friday, Dr. C William Keck will discuss the curious case of the Cuban healthcare system.

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11|07|14 - Sleep Study: Sociology's Mairead Eastin Moloney Interviewed for Live Science -

A recent online article contemplated what life might look like if there were a cure for sleep, and the possible sociological impacts that would follow.

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10|01|14 - We're All Friends Here -

A&S faculty are erasing the gap between the natural sciences and the social sciences and humanities.

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09|30|14 - UK College of Arts and Sciences: 106 Years of Excellence -

More than an “s” has been added since the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Science was created in 1908 with only seven faculty members.

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05|15|14 - Perhaps Blue and Pink Aren't the Right Colors -

In "Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue: How to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes," A&S faculty member Christia Spears Brown explores how parents can truly validate their children's unique strengths.

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